Abount The Event

Çameli Mountain Bike Marathon is a sports organization that targets the natural and cultural promotion of the province of Denizli, Çameli district, with the participation of domestic and foreign professional riders.

Çameli About

We target to introduce the nature, life and culture of our country and our region, to get local community adopt a habit of sport by ingratiating a life with bicycle, furthermore to create awareness by bringing together the nature enthusiasts by means of bicycling and extreme sports.


In this context, our mission is to support the use of a bike at any age, at the national and international level, to gain extreme sports, bicycling habits, in company with to bring our district and our conduct to tourism with history, nature, life culture, to make nature sports effective, to keep our children away from bad habits by sport, to raise healthy generations by combating obesity.


For this reason, Çameli Municipality, with the support of Çameli District Governorate and GEKA (South Aegean Development Agency) designated a total of 650 km, 59 dependent and-independent trekking routes in our region. In Çameli 1,380 kms of 40 independent mountain bike routes had been mapped and by completing marking and signing works conformable to international standards, access to all routes opportunity are given in our site. Access to Çameli trekking routes and their difficulty levels is possible at www.kibyratistrekking.com address, to Çameli bicycling routes and difficulty levels is possible at www.camelicycling.com address.


We invite all nature lovers to our district to experience unique nature, landscape, produced natural products, life culture and hospitality of local community of Çameli.

How to Come?

Çameli has highway connections from all across Turkey. You may reach Denizli-Çardak (DNZ), Antalya (AYT) and Dalaman International (DLM) airports

What do I do?

Çameli, with its green forests full of oxygen, lakes, canyons, waterfalls and natural beauties is the unique place paragliding, mountain biking, trekking, camping and winter sports.


The Yaylacık mountain (2140 meters) which embraces the Akdağlar which are an extension of the Taurus enables flights of about 45 minutes where you can view the incredible dams, lakes, villages and forests.




Çameli has completed all infrastructure works for trekking throughout natural beauties. Local and foreign athletes make use of the trekking route with International signs for trekking.



The Çameli Mountain Bike Routes are located about 800 to 2.300 meters over the sea level with its unique natural beauties, canyons and highlands within the district of Çameli where you can enjoy the mountain and nature landscapes, trek within the rich woods and where you can train and walk in a cool and dry climate especially in summer time. The altitude of the district center is about 1350 meters and presents various activities throughout the year.


Yörük Tent

Located 5 km from Çameli center in the middle of silence and tranquility surrounded with pinewood which has a lovely view to the Çameli lowland and district center.


Yaylacık Mountain

The Yaylacık Mountain is between the West Mediterranean and South Aegean area with rich plants. Yanı sıra 1500 m ile 1800 m yükseltisinde çam, sedir ve ardıç ağaçları ile örtülür.

The Yaylacık mountain has hosted long-distance parachute races, World Cup prelims, World Cup, World Cup Super Final and Turkish Parachute Championship. The Yaylacık Mountain has become a sports center mostly preferred by paragliding and delta wing athletes.


Kolak Lake

With lots of sitting places, barbeque, fountains and car parks for nature enthusiasts who love picnics with trekking routes, areas for caravans and camping with the whole family, fishing opportunities in the lake.

Sazak Canyon

The Sazak Canyon is an amazing trekking route. The canyon contains: 1 cave, 3 waterfalls, ice cold drinking water at 300 meters, natural pools for swimming with a depth of 3 to 4 meters every 100 meters, pine and poplar trees and a wonderful flora, trout and stream fishes.

Sazak Cave; located in the Sazak Canyon. Consists of stalacites and dickites on the Karabayır stream between the Kirazlıyayla and Sazak quarters.

Emecik Canyon

The Emecik Kanyonu is located about 14 km from the center. The canyon contains several streams.


Kibyra Antique City

A lician antique city located at the foothill of Akdağ in the Gölhisar district, distanced about 110 km to the province of Burdur, on the hills with a view to the Gölhisar lowland. Kibyra antique city is a crossing point of the cultural areas of Likya, Karya, Pisidya and Frigya; it is located in the center of of the trade route which connects the south to the north and east to the west. Today, it is a junction point of the Gölhisar, Antalya – Denizli / Burdur – Fethiye motor ways. With its location, it is palce worth to see, with adistance of 23 km from Çameli.


Where is it Rested ?

Çameli Municipality Stone Lodges

Address : Atatürk Bulvarı 621 sokak No-46 Çameli/Denizli

Telephone: +90 530 5842701 – +90 258 571 5900

Distance to Center : Center





Başkayer Hotel Restaurant

Address : Yunus Pınar Mah. Pekmez Deresi Cad. İn Altı Mevki No: 9 Çameli/Denizli

Telephone: +90 258 571 62 22

Distance to Center 1.5 km

Ata Hotel Restaurant

Address : Yeni Mah, Selvili Cd. No:3 Çameli/Denizli

Telephone: + 90 258 571 5828

Distance to Center:  Center


Gelişim Hotel

Address : Yeni Mah. Cumhuriyet Mey. Şelale sok. No:15 Çameli/Denizli

Telephone: +90 258 571 59 35

Distance to Center : Center

What to eat ?

Yükselin Yeri Restaurant

Address : Elmalı Köyü – Çameli – Denizli
Telephone : +90 535 484 9794
Distance to Center : 18 Km

Gürsu Kebap Restaurant

Address : Gürsu Köyü – Çameli – Denizli
Telephone: +90 536 936 0713
Distance to Center  : 20 Km

Çınar Restaurant

Address : Elmalı Köyü – Çameli – Denizli
Address : +90 541 305 9526
Distance to Center : 18 Km

Paşaderesi Restaurant

Address : Çameli Center – Denizli
Telephone: +90 258 571 5353
Distance to Center : Center

Other Restaurantlar

YAYLA RESTAURANT +90 537 744 3550
BEREKET KOKOREÇ +90 0538 698 5328
KANARYA RESTAURANT +90 532 370 9520
HANIMELİ RESTAURANT +90 531 882 9311
BUKET PASTANESİ +90 537 340 3328
PALMİYE BÜFE +90 535 437 2978
CEYLİN CAFE +90 539 508 0790
LALE LEZZET LOKANTASI +90 537 421 1302
CESUROĞLU KOKOREÇ +90 545 320 2346
BİZİM BÜFE +90 536 052 0801

What to buy ?

Local clothes and handcrafts

Many local handcrafts and weaving items are available in the district center. Weaving items such as carpets, rugs, prayer rugs, saddlebags, sacks and clothes are available in some of our villages.

Çameli Honey

The  natural and ecologic structure of Çameli has enabled a versatile flora. Many plants within this flora are very valuable for beekeeping.

Çameli Trout

The Kanlıçay stream is fed by accumulated spring water coming from the hills covered with snow and most times of the year Trout farming is made o the Kanlıçay stream. The most significant characteristic of the Çameli trout is the richness of taste and nutritional value due to the cool water full of minerals.

Çameli Beans

We have a capacity of 800 tons of beans on a land of 100 decare. The climate of our district which is located on a plateau is convenient for bean farming whereas this convenience of the climate and soil gives the beans a different and lovely flavor.

Çameli Walnut

Walnuts are farmed on a land of 1980 decares in our district and villages, the annual amount is about 780 tons. These walnuts do not contain any chemicals and are completely organic.

Çameli Cherry

The Çameli district consists of land at about 700-2000 meters altitude. This altitude is very convenient for different poly-cultural farming.


We are looking forward to all sports lovers and biking enthusiasts to the Bike Days event in Çameli, Denizli.

UCI Cameli MTB Marathon

Çameli Mountain Bike Marathon is a sports organization that targets the natural and cultural promotion of the province of Denizli, Çameli district, with the participation of domestic and foreign professional riders.

The rules and regulations of the UCI and the Turkish Cycling Federation are valid at the event.



Çameli Mountainbike Marahton Race Class 3 (XCM)

4-5 August 2018

Turkish National Marathon Championships

Çameli with Turkey’s best mountain bike racetracks hosts the amazing performances of Turkey’s leading cyclists.

The National Çameli Mountain Bike Marathon Championship (XCM)
August 04-05, 2018

GEKA Çameli Mountain Bike Days

Do you want to travel by your bike, discover new places and cultures, and embark on an adventure? Then, the three-day Çameli Mountain Bike Days will be the perfect fit for you!

Camping site open for 5 days and 4 nights

Participation fee charged.

Participation is limited to 100 people.

EURO 50 / 5 DAYS

6-10 August 2018


International and National Çameli Mountain Bike Racing Program

4 August 2018

UCI Race Registration (XCM)

Place: Çameli Municipality Race Office, 1:00 Pm. – 5:00 Pm.

National Open Registration

Place: Çameli Municipality Race Office,  1:00 Pm- 5:00 Pm


Place: Race Area 13:00 – 17:00

UCI & OPEN Race Meeting (XCM)

Place: Çameli Municipality Meeting Hall 5:30 Pm – 6:30 Pm
5 August 2018

UCI Cameli Marathon MTB Race (XCM)

Place: Çameli Municipality Stone Lodges – 9:30 Am.

National Open MTB Cup XCM

Place: Çameli Municipality Stone Lodges – 9:32 Am.

GEKA Çameli Bicycle Tour

DAY 3: Registration
6 August 2018

Camping Area

Place: Çameli Municipality Stone Lodges Camp Area  / 8:00 A.M. – 7:00 P.M.


We invite you to the camp area at 5:00 P.M for a Festival briefing.


Place: Çameli Stone Lodges Restaurant – Dinner starts at 19:00 and ends at 21:00.


DAY 4: Bicycle Riding
7 August 2018


Place: Çameli Stone Lodges Restaurant – Breakfast starts at 7:00 A.M. until 8:00 A.M.

Tour Start

Place: Çameli Stone Lodges – Please check your bike and be ready at the starting point at 09:30 A.M.

Route: Çameli Taş Konaklar-Gökçeyaka-Emecik Kanyonu, Emecik Kanyonu-Cevizli-Bıcakcı-Kızılyaka-Çameli


Place: Çameli Stone Lodges Restaurant – Dinner starts at 7:00 P.M. and ends at 9:00 P.M.


DAY 5: Bicycle Riding
8 August 2018


Place: Çameli Stone Lodges Restaurant – Breakfast starts at 7:00 A.M. until 8:00 A.M.

Tour Start

Place: Çameli Stone Lodges – Please check your bike and be ready at the starting point at 09:30 P.M.

Route: Çameli-Bıçakçı-Cevizli-Kirazlıyayla – Karabayır, Dalaman – Gürleyik Camp Area


Place: Gürleyik Camp Area – Dinner starts at 7:00 P.M. and ends at 9:00 P.M. Farewell
DAY 6: Bicycle Riding
9 August 2018


Place: Gürleyik Camp Area –  starts at 7:00 A.M. until 8:00 A.M.

Tour Start

Place: Gürleyik Camp Area – Please check your bike and be ready at the starting point at 09:30 A.M.

Route: Gürleyik – Elcik – Kızılkaya – Kayadibi – Atakent – Dalaman – Fevziye – Ovacık – Güvez – Kışla – İztuzu – Dalyan


Place: Dalyan Camp Area   – Dinner starts at 7:00 P.M.  and ends at 8:00 P.M.
DAY 7: Boat Tour
10 August 2018

Ucı Cameli Mtb Marathon Register Form

Turkish National Marathon Championships Register Form

GEKA Çameli Bike Days Register Form